Why Carpet Flooring is best for Schools and Establishments

As parents, all we want is simply the best for our kids, whatever their ability or aptitude is. All we want is for them to be happy as they grow up, to become respectful and confident adults, and lastly, to realized the academic potential they have. That agenda of achievement in academic term is all about ensuring that the entire learning environment of your child is the best that it can be, and offers only the best education. It is because a good school is actually more than its management’s quality or its teachers’ dedication, no matter how important those things are. Nowadays, issues of academic quality are increasing and are being reflected in some new ways of designing educational establishments and schools, embracing a new philosophy of design that recognizes that everyone, including school pupils, are products of their environment and that the interior design and architecture of schools and establishments should enhance the learning capacity of children.

carpet flooring

The result of this new design philosophy are new schools and establishments designs, where the social and instructional spaces are clearly demonstrated, and where lines of authority between pupil and teacher are unclear, as well as with spaces that are more human, softer, as well as infinitely more inspirational to children. It is a concept where pupils are treated as individuals, and not just children. This act puts the human instinct of the community of the school at the heart of the design of the building. It is effectively turning traditional concepts of function and form on their head, to design school buildings that strongly encourage thought and freedom.

Benefits of Carpets in Schools and Establishments

Learning and Design

Of course, that is all great for new school and establishment projects able to create from the ground upwards as well as incorporate the latest in architectural world. However, for all schools and establishments, regardless of design and age, there are many other practical ideas of doing the learning process and, surprisingly one of them is carpet flooring. It may sound unlikely, but technology and science are now able to prove that carpet flooring does and can, have many educational benefits. The reason is that schools are usually noisy and because of those feet thumping and churning up dust from the school’s floor, children can suffer from poor quality of air.

Improving Air Quality

Nowadays, many schools already have asthma management plans in order to make sure that they have easy access to inhalers all the time and to make the staff aware of what they are going to do in emergency cases by giving adequate training. This plan also allows the children to have minimal exposure to asthma-triggering things or areas. According to World Health Organization, one of the most important risk factors for an asthma attack is actually the inhalation of particles and substances that can irritate the airways or provoke allergic reactions to students and school staffs. It has long been recognized that carpets have the ability to improve the air quality indoor by tightly holding and trapping substances that can cause allergy. Because of that, those allergen-causing elements are kept from becoming airborne, minimizing their circulation in people’s breathing zone, and keeping the students healthy.

Reducing Noise

Improving the quality of indoor air is important. However, it is not the main reason why schools and establishments prefer to use carpe flooring. The other reason is acoustics. It is the carpet’s unique ability, as compared to any other flooring choices, in order to absorb sound. The acoustics’ issue has been the subject of recent researches, helping the schools and establishments better understand how important it is, and influencing interior designers and architects to use building materials and space in imaginative and new ways to deal with noisy environment. Quite obviously, it is important that sound is learned by students. Therefore, they need a quiet learning environment, such as the one with carpet flooring so they can properly hear as well as understand what their teacher tell them. Carpet flooring in schools and establishments should be cleaned regularly to promote a healthier environment for the students. It is best that you hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider like www.safecarpetcleaning.com.

In technical terms, the sound that is coming from the teacher, which is the direct sound, can pass directly into their school pupils’ ears. However, another part of that sound travels into other surfaces and areas in the room and is reflected, reaching the ears of pupils eventually from a lot of directions but usually at different intervals. Basically, this is referred to as reverberant sound and if there’s too much of it, the teacher’s speech is not easy to understand. For many kids, this can be a very alarming issue. For children who hear hardly, it is of enormous importance.



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